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Dot Koka

Dot Koka

Dot Koka has been a dental assistant for over 20 years and has extensive experience working in a specialty practice for dentures and partial dentures and implants as well as in a general dentistry office. She is well-versed in all of the dental services provided at Koka Dental Clinic and worked with Dr. Koka for many years at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota prior to moving to San Diego. Dot and Sree Koka were married in June 2016, here in San Diego.

Dot was born and raised in Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin. Dot is one of twelve children and she is proud to be number six in the order (how often can you be the sixth child and the middle child at the same time!). Dot is the mother of the handsome Max and the lovely Tessa and grandmother to beautiful young Eliana. Dot was also mother to a four-legged child, Maddie, a miniature dachshund.

Dot’s hobbies include running (she ran her first half-marathon in December 2014), reading, jigsaw puzzles and talking on the phone with her family and friends!

Dot Weisheipl Running

Just finished a 5K run