Value = Quality / Cost

Payment options

As a new patient at our clinic, you get to choose how much you pay for your initial dental check-up/consultation.

Koka Dental Clinic accepts debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and cashier’s check or money order payment at the time that treatment services are rendered.

Typically, full payment is expected at the time of prosthesis insertion or reline or repair. However, we will work with you regarding a payment plan so please ask us about options if this would help you. For interested patients, we can recommend financing options from third party financiers.

Dental Insurance

Koka Dental Clinic serves all patients whether they have dental insurance or not. We are an in-network provider for many dental insurance plans, e.g. First Dental Health/New Patient Choice and MetLife. At the current time, we are an out-of-network provider for other insurance plans.


We will do our utmost to ensure that you receive high quality care both in terms of the final prosthesis we provide as well as the caring manner with which we look after you. When it comes to the prosthesis, we follow strict protocols and processes and use excellent materials. When it comes to care, we offer a combination of professionalism and fun that is centered around meeting your treatment aspirations. You are why we come to work every day.


Although cost has many elements including time and effort, we wish to set ourselves apart by being transparent with our fees and how we have calculated them. Most dentists do not publish their fees in this manner but we believe it makes your life and our life easier if we publish our fees up front so there are no surprises and allow you to plan better.

We set our fees to match the 50th percentile of national fees for the major services we provide. (50th percentile is not identical to the national average but it is close – it means that if you compared our fees to all other prosthodontist specialist fees across the country, 50% of the fees would be higher than ours and 50% would be lower than ours)

If we can fulfill our expectation to give you high quality care at a reasonable cost, we believe this is the way we can give you excellent value for money.

How do we calculate our fees?

The American Dental Association (ADA) conducts annual surveys of dentists across the US. The ADA publishes annually the fees for hundreds of services provided by general dentists and specialists. We have used these ADA survey results to set our fees using the 50 percentile charge.

On occasion, the ADA does not publish fees every year for every service if there were not enough responses given for them to determine percentiles accurately. In these instances, we have taken the last published charge for a service and modified it based upon inflation values taken from the Consumer Price Index.

For example:

If the cost of a procedure in 2012 was $X and the consumer price index reveals that inflation between 2012 and today is 3.2%, we have increased $X by 3.2% to set our fee. Feel free to ask us at any time to explain our fees if you have questions.

Credit card and debit care bank fee:

Although we accept credit card and debit card payments, we have not adjusted our fees to incorporate the charge that the card issuing bank makes us pay them. Therefore, although you pay the 50th percentile, we collect less than the 50th percentile. You can be confident that you are paying no more than the 50th percentile.